What is Leather Sun tanning?

What is Leather Suntan? Leaving leather out in the sun.

To create leather from hides you need to use animal or human-based fats as a base. These fats can be tanned in a number of ways. The most traditional way is to expose the hides to sunlight to dry them out. This is known as direct tanning and is the most natural way of tanning leather. The disadvantage of direct tannin is that it causes leather to become stiff and leather tends to turn color during the tanning process.

Leather Hide can also be tanned Naturally it is a natural process to make the leather darker. This can also apply to any Type Of Leather. it was a time taking process.

Place your leather product on a clean surface.
Leave your product in the sun for 20-30 minutes.
Check for discoloration after drying.
You can increase the drying time to get a darker color.
The prolonged drying process can affect the quality of the skin and increase the risk of the skin drying out.
To prevent the skin from drying out, you can apply “leather oil” or “wax” after the drying process.

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