What is Split Leather? – The Definition and Facts

Do you ever notice that some leather goods last longer than some other leather goods? With the same care and usage, some products age way better, but some look old and rough in a short time? Yes, it is accurate, and you surely surprise after seeing this result.


There are dozens of reasons behind this phenomenon, but the most important of them is leather quality. Before buying any leather product, you should know the difference between the types of leather.
Here in this article, you will find all the queries and their answers in detail. Let’s sink into it and know much about full-grain leather and split leatherwhat is Split grain Leather

In the leather world there are two basic types of leather, Full Grain leather and Top Grain leather. Split grain is the kind of leather that is produced from the inside out and contains more natural material that gives leather it’s distinctive look. This leather is more susceptible to stretching and curling up, wrinkles and is easily damageable

Split Grain Leather Properties

The hide is very thick, and it is not an excellent choice to make leather directly from it. For this purpose, the hair is split into two parts. The upper layer of the hide makes full-grain leather, while the remaining lower layer makes split leather. There is a massive difference between the characteristics and quality of both types. But before talking about it, you must know much more about this topic.

Classification of the Hide

To understand the difference between full-grain and split-grain leather and why full-grain is more durable, you must know the different layers of the leather first.
The leather hides different animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, lambs, goats, alligators, and many others. The hide is usually very thick, and it is impossible and risky to make leather from this 5-10mm thick hide.
To understand the nature of hides, we can divide them into three layers. The inner layer holds a tight structure that makes a powerful inner skin for the animal. The middle layer, which is called “Corium,” is the reason behind making the most significant thickness of the hide. This layer is responsible for the skin’s supply and provides thickness and a safety barrier to the animal. The outer layer is that layer we usually see. This layer contains hair and protects the animal from corrosion. It is a powerful and comparatively flexible one and is called grain.

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Not all leather is Full-Grain.

By learning all the hide layers, we can conclude that the full-grain leather is made up of the whole grain of the hair, and yes, it does. You might think that all leather is made up of full-grain or outer side of the hide, but this is the point you are mistaken mostly. Most of the leather is not full-grain, especially the leather used to make bags.
The worst part is there is not any difference in the prices of these products, whether these are made up of whole grain or split-grain leather.

How Is the split leather produced?

Ages ago, the leather was made by shaving the hide from the inner side with a sharp blade until it gets a thin layer type leather. Some other means are also used to get the best results. In this way, only one type of leather was produced, which is full-grain leather. The rest of the hide went waisted. But thanks to the invention of leather splitting machines, we can get a new type of leather that is Split leather.
These splitting machines expertly split the hide and give an acceptable quality full-grain leather. The remaining product can also be used as leather, but it has some differences too. Because it does not have grain, it is weak. Having a flimsy grain structure, split leather is effortless to tear and is less durable.
But with some external efforts and modifications, this layer can be used to make various products.

How does Split leather make it worthwhile?

Weak split leather layer, a beneficial product to get the desired results.
By applying a thick layer of pigment, plasticized paint, or PU finish, sometimes also decorated with a grain pattern, the split leather can be made similar to the full-grain leather in looks. Now suede leather is finished in a way that it looks pretty hard to identify between full-grain leather and split leather, but only when it is new.


why use PU Coating

The PU-coating process is also use to correct the poor quality skins, such as not adequately split, which still have some grain on the outer side. The rough side with a full-grain surface is buffer before coating it with any finishes to get the best results. A grain pattern is also applied to have a uniform type look on the surface. This is the simplest method used to increase the usability and the price of the poor quality skin.
In this way, the soft skin which looks useless is made helpful by covering the whole surface and then polished to look just like genuine full-grain leather.

Difference between split leather and full-grain leather

No doubt, with the finishings and embossing patterns, split leather looks like genuine leather. But when it comes to quality and durability, we see a vast difference between them. Full-grain leather holds excellent strength and flexibility as compared to suede leather. This factor allows full-grain leather to get movement in any direction and then again reshaped itself without damage.

Usablility & Flexibility

Being natural skin, full-grain leather can be polished anytime and last longer without losing its apparent look. When it comes to split leather, Being less flexible, there are always risks of damage while wearing a jacket made up of split leather. Furtherly, it gets older day by day and lost shine due to its artificial finishing. Every time you wear it, it looks more senior, and its shine gets lighter.

Full-grain leather is more robust than split leather, and it is not easy to tear it anyway. However, split leather, on the other hand, can be torn and damaged easily. It is also difficult to repair split-grain leather as it is already thin and poor in quality.

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However, there are some factors where split leather is more durable and valuable than full-grain leather. Due to its PU coating, split leather is more resistant to water and other liquids than full-grain leather. If somehow you get oil or water on it, it is easy to wash away even with a wet cloth without leaving a dot on its surface.
Split leather also shows more resistance to abrasions as compared to genuine leather due to its pigment coating. Full-grain leather demands more care in wearing from any abrasions and is very sensitive.
The best point of split leather is it can be dye in different colors. So unlike full-grain leather, you will not wear the same black color all the time. You have the choice to choose your favorite color and add more beauty to your outfit or other leather products.

Do you ever notice that some leather goods last longer than some other leather goods? With the same care and usage, some products age way better, but some look old and rough in a short time? Yes, it is accurate, and you surely surprise after seeing this result.

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