What is PU Leather – Uses, Pros & Cons of Polyurethane Material

PU leather is a synthetic type of leather that is used in most of the products in today’s world. You will find many handbags, accessories, belts, and other products made of this material. A lot of people want to know what is PU leather, which material has been used in its manufacturing, its advantages, and many other sections?

If you are looking to get an answer to any of the above questions, then you are just at the right place. We will show you here a comprehensive guide about Polyurethane leather. Let’s have a look at the following sections for now.

What is PU leather Made of?

What is PU leather Made of

PU leather is made of some specific polymers available in the market. The main part of this leather type is a thermoplastic polymer that makes it sturdy, long-lasting, and stretchable. This is one of those types of artificial leathers that have no influence or adjustment of animal body or skin. That is why it has become the most used type of leather to manufacture different products as mentioned above.

PU leather Made of

Due to its excessive usage in different parts of the world, it has various names. It has become an essential part of our lives. You can get an estimation about its usage just by analyzing your surroundings and have a look at the products that you are using. Abide by this, it has many other names in different parts of the world like,

  1. PU leather
  2. Bicast leather
  3. Split leather
  4. Bonded leather
  5. Corrected grain leather

Uses of PU Leather

uses of pu leather

We have already discussed some of the sections where PU leather has been using over the original material. In addition to this, a lot of people love to decorate their houses with some particular materials or products. PU leather has been used widely in all such conditions and aspects. It has been using to decorate the internal part of your house.

Actually, this type of leather is used in making decoration pieces and giving a real look to many paintings. Along with this, you will find many men’s and women’s accessories made of this amazing material. In short, PU leather has become an integral part of many products available in the entire world.

Why PU Leather is Becoming Popular?

The main question that pops up in almost every mind is why this leather type is getting popular while we have many other types too. The main reason behind the success of PU leather includes different sections. First of all, the products made with this material are quite better than the original one.

A consumer will get such products at very cheap rates and can enjoy their working for a longer time. Secondly, this leather type is environment friendly due to which it is considered the best for all. It means that you will not pollute your environment after using accessories made of this leather.

Due to this, many daily life products like bottles, clothes, and others are made of PU leather.

Is PU Leather Made Artificially?

Yes, PU leather is a man-made type of original material that we can get from animals. It was basically made to control the usage of genuine leather that is costly for many people around the world. This product has worked a lot in getting positive outcomes.

But many people think that PU leather is the original or naturally occurring product. This conception is completely wrong because it is a synthetic type of leather that you can manufacture in any plant related to this dimension. There are different ways to manufacture this material but all of these are completed without getting any aid from animal’s bodies.

Due to its synthetic nature, it has become popular among people from every region of the world. Here are some pros and cons that will ensure why you should get products made of PU leather.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in different colors and varieties
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Cost-effective material
  • Easier to manufacture even in a small plant
  • Water-Resistant
  • Bad smell like burning of chemical or plastic
  • Products will show cracks over time
  • No luster or patina
  • Some materials are harmful to the ecosystem

Is PU Leather Cheaper Than Real Leather?

Real leather is found rare in the entire world instead of animal dead bodies or skin. When you are comparing the prices of PU leather and the original leather, you will find the artificial leather much cost-effective than the other. The reason is it is difficult to get original leather and make products from it. On the other side, it is easy to manufacture artificial leather to get a shape for any accessory or product without getting many problems. That is why PU leather is available at lower rates than the original one.

Is PU Leather Waterproof?

The core reason for this material’s popularity and its usage over such a high scale is its waterproof quality. If you have been using leather products for a while now, you must have seen that it takes a lot of time to dry your accessories even you have got a little touch of water. With this material’s product, you won’t have to worry about anything like this. It is because PU leather will absorb water properly and keep your objects inside the bag safe. Similarly, it will not take much time to dry your bag and get back to work.

Is PU Leather Durable?

PU leather is no durable as compared to original leather. The reason is the addition of different products like plastic and others. These components are not powerful enough to keep providing services for a longer time. That is why your bag or any other product will get dull after some time.

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