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Why Leather Wax Is A Good Alternative To Dry Leather

What is oil wax leather

Oil wax is an essential oil obtained from natural fats that are extracted from various animal skins. It has a unique characteristic of imparting a soft shiny surface finish to leather, but it is usually mixed with vegetable fat or animal fat in order to give it the consistency of wax.

Oil wax leather is simply the application of this first thin layer of leather at the point where a leather object may be created by rubbing, buffing or pressing.

When it comes to keeping leather items clean and shiny, one of the most important things to remember is breathability. If you have leather items that are not breathable, they will quickly become musty-smelling. With the exception of very light breaths, you want as much airflow as possible, especially when it comes to your boots. Many individuals think that leather items that are breathable are less likely to crack and dent, but you can actually get more damage than you bargained for if you do not take care of them properly. Breathability allows leather items to breathe so they can be cleaned in a way that is beneficial to the product itself.

How Leather Wax is Made

Mother nature’s best leather waxes, a unique, high quality, all natural, leather wax created from pure beeswax, coconut oil, and birch tree oil. Birches natural waxes are first and foremost an excellent waterproof and protectant, however

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Make Leather Soft With Waxing

If you are looking for the ultimate in softness, then you will want to consider applying leather wax. With this particular product, you will be able to create items that feel like nothing else on the market. This softness is a result of the natural oil that is found within the leather item.

This natural oil allows for the leather item to feel wonderful and will provide you with the softness you are looking for.

TYpes Of Waxy Leathers

Waxy leather can be found in many different types of material like; synthetic, vinyl, cotton, nylon, acrylic and other man-made fibers. There is also waxy leather found in bones used in toys and other household articles. Most household pets’ bedding is made of waxy leather.

Aniline Waxy Leather

A type of leather that has a waxy shine is called aniline leather. This type of leather has an oily shine and usually when dry it becomes dull. There are three other types of leather that have a waxy shine. The other types of leathers are called; full-grain leather, split grain leather and plain or top grain leather.

How to Identify Aniline Leather Wax

If you don’t recognize waxy leather, you should really start looking for this type of leather goods now. If the water seeps in, this leather is called “aniline”. When the water dries out, the leather will become stiff and the color will usually recover fairly quickly, often quickly when water is let dry.

Nubuck Leather Waxing

Nubuck leather is a natural material that is much softer than suede or any other type of leather. It is extremely durable and can easily last for years if it is properly cared for. When you apply wax to nubuck leather, it protects it from damage by water. As long as you do not expose it to moisture, you will have no problem with water damage. It is a much better choice than nubuck leather that is susceptible to cracking, splitting and fading.

leather wax

How To Clean Leather wax Products

If you have waxy leather and want to know how to clean it, you should first know what type of leather it is. There are three different types including, full-grain, half-grain, and pull-up leather. Each type has its own cleaning methods and steps to take when cleaning. For instance, if you have a full-grain leather item, it will usually require some cleaning products to get the item clean and to remove any dirt and debris that may have stuck to the item.

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Aniline Cleaner removes dirt, debris, and stains from your shoes without removing the waxy or tender skin.

Using Aniline Cleaners

When using aniline cleaner, ensure that you wipe the surface with a clean and soft piece of cotton cloth. You can also use a damp rag or a cotton towel. This will help to avoid any streaks and residue that may occur after using the product. When shampooing the item with water, remember to thoroughly rinse and then let it dry in the sunlight.

Waxed Leather Items

 If you are planning to purchase a waxy bag or polka dot purse, make sure that the pattern is one that you will not mind carrying around. Waxy or waxed leather items are most commonly found in men’s and women’s fashion bags, belts, shoes, handbags and purses. It is important to purchase the right size of bag to ensure that you do not put any unwanted burden on your back.

How To remove Wax From Leather

If you want to know how to wax leather, you will first need to know what it takes to remove the old wax from your boots. If you plan on keeping your boots and not replacing them because they are falling apart I recommend that you follow the same procedure as I did. I started by using some cheap leather cleaner that I bought at the craft store.

After I let the cleaner sit I then took a clean lint-free cloth and wiped down the boots to make sure all of the dirt that had been trapped under the boot during the cleaning was removed. Next, I used some mineral wool oil and applied it to the boots once again, letting it sit for another hour.

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After I finished I then repeated this process with the other side of my new pair of boots. After the second time I checked to make sure that the lint-free cloth had removed all of the excess oil that had remained in the boots after my first soak.

Leather Conditioner VS Leather Wax

Leather care and leather waxing is one of the best ways to maintain your leather goods. Leather conditioners are usually applied to leather goods to protect them from stains caused by liquids such as ink, sweat, oil and even urine. If you were to leave a stain on your leather item it would be quite impossible to remove it. Leather conditioners will even add to the price of your leather goods.

Advantages of Leather Wax

Whether you choose wax, moisturizer, conditioner or a combination of both, you will notice that your new item of leather is soft, flexible, well-protected and looks great. You may even begin to see some differences in the way that it feels after it is cleaned.

Is Leather Wax is Waterproof

Water resistance is an additional benefit of leather waxing. Beeswax is also a very common oil that is used for leather waxing. It is highly durable as it has a high water-resistant capacity. It is almost the same quality as oil but it is a little bit cheaper than the full grain leather waterproof sole.

is Leather Wax finishing Good

Another advantage of waxing leather is that it creates a beautiful finishing touch to leather goods.



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