What is Full Grain Leather?

What is Full Grain Leather? This question has been on everyone’s lips lately and it is indeed a very valid one! Knowing So what is Full Grain leather anyway?

okay so when you hear the term full-grain leather just to kind of give you an idea this here is a hide, okay and it is a fairly thick hide this is one of these is actually super thick here this height we’re working on making a belt with this we’re just trying to debate if it might be a little too thick believe it or not but it’s a gorgeous piece of leather

Qualities Of Full Grain Leather

Full Grain leather hide
Super Thick
High End Look


It is the term used for the top surface layer of the hide, also known as the “grain” or surface layer. Full-grain leather is one of the most expensive kinds of leather available because it contains more layers of hide that are cut away to reveal the underlying, undisturbed, top layers of hide.

Because each and every time the hide layers are removed, there are fewer layers left intact, the item is described as “filled” when comprised of at least five layers of pure genuine leather. Top grain leather is the most expensive kind of leather available for consumer purchase today because of its pure, natural appearance. Many consumers are more interested in what is full grain leather compared to what is genuine leather because of its all-natural, older appearance, and richness.

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How to Identify Full Grain Leather?

Irregular Texture
Fat wrinkles
Small Scars
No Color Pigments

So, what is full-grain leather made out of exactly? Well, each and every time a hide is removed from the carcass it is separated into at least three separate layers. The inner, or true hide layer is made up of all of the hairs from the animal itself, which are called hide glandular hairs. Then there is the outer layer, or the grain, of these same hairs which are generally made from keratin, or similar protein.

Uses of Full Grain Leather

This kind of leather is used for a variety of different things from

  1. Footwear.
  2. Furniture.
  3. Belts.

Full Grain Leather Source

There are many different kinds of hides, including

  • bison
  • buffalo
  • elk
  • cowhide

In addition to the hides mentioned above, full-grain leather is also made from various parts of the bones and hide including the tenderest, thinnest, and the toughest. This makes full-grain leather very popular among people who like the idea of using something a little tougher than most leather products. For instance, top-grain leather may be a bit softer than some vegetable-tanning hides, but when it comes down to it, the consumer has no way of knowing that the difference exists other than the price.

The third and back-bone of what is full-grain leather is the grain pattern. scars are a sign of a beautiful full-grain leather Each individual grain has its own distinct patterns, colors, and veining, as well as differences in thickness and weight. This makes each individual piece unique and only found on certain hides. Take elk for example there is an entirely different pattern from the elk’s pattern. The same thing goes for buffalo, elk, and bison.

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Lastly, we have the finishing. Different types of tanned hides will have different properties, such as the ability to breathe, resist decay, resist insects, and last much longer than others. Because of this, leather producers will often grade the hides depending on these characteristics. Some hides will be classified as premium grade, meaning that they’re more durable and less susceptible to damage or deterioration, while others will be classified as lower quality and require more extensive tanning processes. Understanding what is full grain leather will help you choose the best type of hide for your needs, no matter what you want it for.

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