A Brief Comparison of Vegan Leather vs Real Leather

You might hear the term vegan leather vs. real leather that will make you confused. Is it? When you talk about quality and manufacturing, there isn’t much of a distinction between vegan leather and real leather.

Vegan leather is synthetic, so it does not acquire tarnish over time as real leather does. It is far less ventilated because the pores imprinted on the exterior of the pleather are manufactured by man.

When evaluating vegan leather vs. real leather, the quality of the materials is also a key factor to consider. So, let’s discuss both the leathers in detail, including their quality and manufacturing! 

vegan leather vs leather

What is Vegan Leather?

 In the comparison of vegan leather vs. real leatherVegan leather, often known as faux leather or a leather substitute, is a leather-like fabric. Thus, it is created without the use of animal skin. On the other hand, vegan leather is created from a combination of plastic and botanical ingredients, as I’ll discuss later in this essay. 

That’s a quick rundown of vegan leather. But, as a conscious customer, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to the leather industry’s environmentally sustainable requirements.

The Manufacturing Types of  Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is created from a range of non-animal components. It is similar to how leather is produced from the hides of various animals. Alternative textiles are far from flawless, even while vegan leather is essentially leather created without the violation of an animal.

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PVC is a cost-effective and inventive plastic compound that is frequently utilized to make alternative leather products.

Plasticizers are substances that weaken plastic, and they are made up of alcohol, acids, and other ingredients. PVC is made up of around 57 percent chloride and 43 percent carbons. All of these are originated from oil, gas, or petroleum. 

Durability And Cost of Vegan Leather

When it comes to vegan leather vs real leather, Vegan leather isn’t as long-lasting as real leather. However, the most common types of vegan leather, PU and PVC, have a two- to five-year lifetime. Most vegans deem that this is robust enough when you include the reduced price and animal welfare concerns.

When it relates to vegan leather vs real leather, Vegan leather is often less expensive than real leather. So, you might be able to save money by using it.

Merits And Demerits of Vegan Leather

Following are some merits and demerits of vegan leather.


  • It is permissible to wear it without consideration for animal welfare.
  • In general, faux leather is less expensive than genuine leather.
  • Substitutes to leather that are both modern and environmentally beneficial are being explored.


  • The majority of everyday items are hazardous to the environment and human health.
  • Synthetics are never totally biodegradable, contributing to microplastic contamination in the water.

What is Real Leather?

When you’re going through the markets and come across a wallet or a pair of shoes that say “Genuine Leather,” it may seem fantastic. Isn’t that fantastic? 

You will disappoint to know that it’s not the same as it’s supposed to be. The term “genuine leather” does not imply excellent leather. It simply indicates that the material contains some leather, in the comparison of vegan leather vs. real leather

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vegan leather vs real leather

Manufacturing of Real Leather

When you buy real leather, you don’t get fake lather; you just don’t get the best. It simply signifies that the grain isn’t top grain or complete grain. It might signify a variety of things. It’s purposefully ambiguous. 

Top grain refers to the exterior, higher-quality components. The capacity to extract many layers from a single hide is determined by the skin thickness. Some skins, such as cows, can be divided into several tiers. 

Genuine leather can be found in a wide range of items because it is a catch-all term for everything that isn’t a higher rank. Purses, handbags, briefcases, and shoes are all examples of things that can be created out of genuine leather.

Durability And Cost of Real Leather

Better leather products are more resilient and long-lasting than genuine leather. It might create a good impact, but it won’t hold up to daily wear and tear. Genuine leather is extremely fire resistant. A full-grain leather item is worth the investment cost.

Based on the leather condition, size, and improvements, the typical price of leather furniture can fluctuate from $599 to $7,999. Real leather furniture has a far better cost structure than cheaper alternatives.

Merits And Demerits of Vegan Leather

Below are the merits and demerits of vegan leather.


  • Extremely long-lasting and robust
  • Biodegradable
  • Breathable as it ages


  • Results in animal exploitation
  • The meat business, which generates a lot of greenhouse gases and causes deforestation, is connected to leather manufacture
  • Chromium tanning is harmful to both people and the environment

Which Leather is Better To Acquire?

The ecological impact of vegan leather vs real leather is enormous. It’s difficult to say which choice is the finest. Real leather is more pleasant, durable, and recyclable. 

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Leather shoes are often sturdier. And it is more resource-efficient to spend on one leather pair of shoes rather than ten vegan leather shoes. When you purchase vegan products, you can be assured that you are not promoting the meat business. 

This way, you must know that no animals were injured in the manufacturing process. Even though the item is not recyclable, the manufacturing method for vegan leather occasionally uses fewer toxins. 

I will suggest considering the greatest choice in vegan leather vs. real leather.


The purpose of writing this article is to briefly explain vegan leather vs. real leatherAfter going through it completely, you can negotiate which leather you need to prefer. Also, I have described the evaluation of both the leathers as vegan and real leather. 

Thus, you need to know the benefits and disadvantages of vegan leather vs. real leather to decide which the better option is. 

In the end, do share your remarks with me! 

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