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Tandy Leather Inc is an American-based retailer and wholesale distributor of leather and products made with leather. It is operating through more than 100 stores and outlets around the world.

The Tandy Leather International was founded in 1919 in Fort Worth, Texas by Norton Hickley and Dave L. Tandy.

From Hickley-Tandy Leather Company to Tandy Leather International, the business has seen many ups and downs and merges in the past 100 years.

In the beginning, the company focused on selling sole leather, heel, and other shoes supplies to shoe repair dealers across Texas.

Hickley looked after the intercity business while Tandy saw the business out of Fort Worth. After achieving the best sail in 1948, the company faced a downfall in 1949. That loss led the company to a division between the two.

After that split, The Tandy Leather Company (TLC) was established in 1950 under the supervision of Dave L. Tandy and relocated to an uptown location.

In 1954, the company’s catalog has grown to 68 pages and it had almost one million customers. The business achieved different milestones and went over the U.S, opened Tandy Leather Canada and Tandy Leather Europe outlets.

After seeing a see-saw situation in the business, Tandy Leather Company reached that point in 2000 when they closed all their sale units across the world.

In November 2000, The Leather Factory purchased operating assets of Tandy Leather Company and changed its name to Tandy Leather Factory, which is still being continued.

Where is Tandy Leather Factory’s Headoffice Located?

Tandy Leather Factory International headquarter is situated in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has 84 other offices across the U.S.A. TLF Inc is a medium-sized business with more than 570 employees and yearly revenue of almost $78 Millions. It has outlets even in Europe and Canada.

Founder of Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather International was founded way back in 1919 by Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Tandy by the name Hickley-Tandy Leather Company. Both the co-founders met in one of a Dallas Leather Company.

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At the start, they focused on supplying sole leather and other leather shoes accessories to shoe repair stores across Texas. Tandy dealt with the shops outside Fort Worth while Hickley remained within the city to manage the supply.

When the business grew, they modified their duties a little bit. Tandy shifted to supervise the sales and marketing whereas Hickley looked after the internal business like buying inventory. The company achieved huge success in its first decade after came into being.

The company opened another branch in 1927 in Beaumont. The Company faced a solid downfall in 1949 which led the company to split into two parts. Tandy purchased Fort, Huston, and Amarillo operations from Hickley, and Hickley purchased Dallas operations from Tandy in 1950. The Tandy Leather Company (TLC) was established in the same year.

What Does Tandy Leather Sell?

Tandy Leather is now dealing in almost 2900 items of leather and leather-related appliances. It has grown its business to a new height where leather in its name seems only a brand, nothing else. Here is a sharp introduction to some of Tandy Leather’s products.


Without Leather, Tandy is nothing. So we can say Leather is the flagship of Tandy Leather, and they are doing all their businesses under its umbrella. Tandy Leather is dealing in many quality Leather products from the very first day.

They started from shoe accessories but now they are selling a lot of leather-made products including Belt strips, Cowhide Rugs, Hair-on Cowhide Rugs, and many other products.

The Leather they used is produced directly from the hide, so you do not need to worry at all about their product’s quality.


Tandy Leather is dealing in many quality and handy tools. They are focusing on Leather-related Tools and accessories. You can buy various cutting tools, edge-finishing tools, Mallet and Mauls, Punches and Setters, Machines and accessories, Stitching and Lacing Tolls, and much more. All these tools are available at a reasonable price and the quality trademark of Tandy’s.

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In Tandy’s store or online store, you can also buy different kits made by Leather at affordable prices. This section includes Dog Collar kits, Key Fob Kits, Knife Sheath, wallet, place Bookmarks, and much more. Cowhide Denver Wallet and Guitar strap are very much liked by the customers.

The elegant look Guitar Strap comes in various colors and is very comfortable. Denver Tri-Fold Wallet kit comes with four card pockets and wide center space. Kodiak Dopp kit is also one of the most famous and useful kits by Tandy Leather. Comes in three colors, Kodiak Dopp Kit has plenty of room to carry all your toiletries.


Tandy Leather International is also providing a variety of quality Hardware in their stores worldwide. They sell Snaps, Rivets, Screws, Rings, Buckles, Conchos, Jewellery, and many other thighs. You can find a full range of this hardware in their stores and can also order online from their online store.


The company has a section of Leather-care products and this is quite a blessing for you if you are a leather-product lover. In this useful section, you can find different dyes, colors, Threads, Laces, Finishers, Applicators, and many other things that can be used to protect your leader products. By applying any of these products, you can also add beauty to your Leader wears.

Books And Patterns

Tandy Leather has also a section of self-learning for the people who want to learn about Leather, its products, and how to make them. They have published several books for beginners who want to learn Leather handicraft art.

Tandy Leather Patterns and Books section includes guide books on Hand sewing Leather, Leathercraft Tools, Patterns, How to Lace, ABCs of Leatherwork, and many others which are also worth reading. In this way, they are not only earning but also guiding the generation to learn some skills and then earn a handsome livelihood.

Tandy Leather Top Stores

The company is operating more than 100 stores in the world. Most of their stores are located in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Tandy’s biggest store is located in Fort Worth, at its headquarter. Here is the location of Tandy Leather Top Stores.

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BOISE, ID 83706



TULSA, OK 74133

541 N 1200 W
OREM, UT 84057


Tandy Leather Catalog

Tandy Leather has just published its catalog and product guide in spring. You can pick up its product guide for free from the local store. A physical copy of the spring 2021 product catalog can be ordered only once in a single order, but you have to pay the shipping costs. This product catalog can help you a lot in reviewing Tandy’s product easily.

Tandy Leather Stamp Guide

If you facing trouble in having your stamps line up perfectly straight, then Tandy Leather Stamp Guide is the best choice available for you. It makes it very easy to line up properly your leather stamps. It is easily adjustable, so you can easily fit any alphabet or 2D\3D stamps and then tighten them to hold in a proper place.

Tandy Leather Education

Tandy Leather is very active to be inter-connect with their valuable customers and Leather Lovers across the world. For this purpose, they use digital means such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other digital and social means very effectively.

Through these channels, Tandy Inc not only promotes its products but also works for the awareness among people about leather products and their safety. On the YouTube channel, Tandy is always active to teach its customers how to care for its products in a better way. This education effort is very appreciable and useful.

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