Quickstep to remove stain from Suede Leather Shoes

Are you worried about stains and dust spots on your favorite suede shoes? Do you not know how to get rid of this problem without troubling your budget a lot? Can you not afford monthly visits to a dry cleaner to get your suede shoes to look perfect? we will give you simple and easy tricks to remove stains from suede leather shoes that will help you get the job done.

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What Are Suede Shoes?

Suede is a type of leather that is made from the inner side of an animal’s hide. It is a competitively softer and unsafe material than real leather. It is less durable than leather, but more durable as compared to other fabrics such as cotton. Because it is a bit dust catcher and furry stuff, it requires a lot of care to remain in good condition.
Like the other shoes, you can not clean your suede shoes with a wet cloth or water because water will leave spots on the surface of the shoes. To clean your suede shoes, you need to carry some special materials and gadgets at home. But do not worry at all, these suede shoe cleaner kits are not much expensive and can easily be bought at any nearer store or online.

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remove stain from Suede Leather Shoes

This thing sometimes makes people and frustrated, and they do not like to buy suede shoes. But here we have the solution to this problem as you can clean your shes at home by following our guidelines.

How To Remove a Dried Stain from Suede Shoes at Home?

If you see a dried stain spot on your suede shoes, you should follow the below-mentioned steps to get it clean. It could be an easy, old, or tough dried stain, starting from the gently rub step.

Gently rub the area where you see dried stain with a soft, clean cloth. Do this process for some seconds.
If this does not work, you can use a pencil eraser to get rid of it. Gently rub the area with a common-use pencil eraser for a while. It would surely work and will clean your dearest suede shoes in a short time.
If you again see the spots of dried stain on the surface, use an emery nail file to remove this tough dried stain from the surface. This is almost the last choice you can use to remove dried stains from your suede shoes.

remove stain from Suede Leather Shoes

How To Remove Oily Stain from Suede Shoes at Home?

Suede is stuff that is very catchy to dust and other stains. Only a drop of water can do its business to make suede look ugly and spotted. But if it would be any oil that has fallen on the suede shoes, it could be a permanent oily spot on the surface. To avoid this, you have to work pretty smartly before it gets dried.
Immediately put some baby powder on the surface where oil hits. After an hour or more, you will see the powder begins to look oily. Clean away this powder with a soft brush gently. You can leave the powder on the stain for several hours so it may absorb more oil.
Repeat the process of sprinkling powder on the oily surface until it would not change its color.

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How to Remove Wet Stain from Suede Shoes?

Suede is very sensitive stuff as it may get dirty even with a drop of water. Although it is waterproof stuff, it is not recommended to wear it in water because it may get dirty spots. If your suede shoes get wet somehow, follow the below-mentioned steps to avoid stains and dots.
Use a clean cloth to absorb moisture from the surface. Place the cloth on the surface and put a gentle pressure to absorb as much as it can.
Keep changing the sides of the cloth to blot away more moisture.
Keep the indirect suede heat for some to dry completely.
If you see the stain remaining on the surface, apply the step-by-step process mentioned above to remove the dried stain.

remove stain from Suede Leather Shoes
Kids with stickers, name tags, and other sticky things are always a danger to suede products—a slight act of carelessness results in a stain on the suede shoes. If somehow you get a stain spot on your suede shoes due to sticker glue, follow these steps to remove it.

Dampen the area with a wet paper towel carefully.

With the help of a blunt knife or credit card, remove a sticker from the one corner smoothly. Please do it again and again until the whole sticker may be removed.

Let it be dry in the air for some time.

When it gets dry, use a pencil eraser to remove the marks left by the glue.
Always show patience and never rub too hard.
Use a soft brush to clean dust from the surface at least once a week. In this way, you can lengthen the life of your shoes.
This is all you can do to save your suede shoes at home without troubling your budget at all. If you see a huge stain or spot on your shoes, it is recommended that you should visit your nearest dry cleaner to remove it.

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