Leather Duffle Bag, A complete Guide

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If you love to travel or you have to travel for three-four days then you are surely in need of a leather duffle bag. But which bag is to buy is a hard question.

 Let me tell you that if you are worried about this, Leather Duffle Bag is the best choice for you.

But the trial is not finished yet as you also need to know about the grain leather and top grain leather.

 Then there are also some other points to keep in mind like long strap, space. Etc.

 Here in this article, we are going to write a complete buying guide for you that would help you to buy the best leather duffle bag for men and women.

Different Qualities of Leather Duffle Bags

If you are new to the world of leather products, you might be confused between grain leather and top grain leather. There are also “bounded” or “genuine” leather in the market.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, versatile, and durable travel bag, you must go for grain or top-grain leather duffle bag. Do not buy a bag that is labeled as “genuine” or “bounded” leather because these are finance items with no durability at all.

You also need to know the minor difference between full-grain leather and top-grain leather.

Full-Grain Leather Duffle bag

Full Grain Leather is the finest quality of leather available. This type of leather comes straight off the animal to the bag, without applying any chemical process.

This is the top layer of the hide and is very thick. It is the most expensive type of leather at present, and as natural as it gets.

Keep in mind that full-grain leather is the purest form of leather so it has blemishes and imperfections, as our skin has.

This is the longest-lasting type of leather and can be a little heavier.

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Top-Grain Leather Duffle bag

Top-grain Leather is also the top layer of the hide, but chemical processes are applied to it. This is also the premium quality of leather with a smooth shiny finish.

Due to its fine shiny look, this is the leather that is for you if you are looking for something durable as well as stylish.

Top-grain leather is comparatively more affordable and easy to work because of the chemical process that is done to it.

There are also some other points that you should keep in mind when you are going to buy a leather duffle bag for men or a leather duffle bag for women.

Here are some essential things you should keep in mind.


If you are going for a long vacation or even for a short tour, the first thing to see before you are going to buy a leather duffle bag is its storage.

The storage space and system is a very essential thing. What if you buy a big leather duffle bag with only one interior? This would be very difficult to keep all your gears and outfits properly.


If you are talking about the interior of a leather duffle bag for men, it is not about having a wide interior. A bag with a separate place or pockets for small gadgets is a real blessing for you. If your bag has more than one interior space, it would be easy to keep your small gadgets separate from your clothes and shoes. Even if you are looking for a leather duffle bag for women, you need a bag with more than one interior space to keep your essential small tools aside.


If your bag has some pockets on its outer, it would be very handy and useful for you.

 You can keep your small and essential things like passports, tickets, mobile chargers, handsfree, and other stuff of this kind in these outer pockets

If you need one of these things during your travel, you do not need to dig in your bag to find it.

Before buying a duffle bag, make sure it has some pockets on its outer side.


Leather Duffle Bag for men is available in different sizes. It depends on you that how many days you are going to spend on your tour?

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If you are going to spend two to three days, then we suggest a 20’ inch duffle bag is enough for you. You can keep a couple of dresses, shoes, and other gadgets easily.

If you are planning for a long tour of almost 7 days, you should go for a 24’ inch bag. In this big space, you can carry your outfits for a weak along with your shoes and other gadgets.

One more important thing before buying a leather duffle bag for women or men, you should go for a duffle bag with a shoulder strap.

 Because if you are buying a leather duffle bag for the first time, it would seem to be the heavier thing you have ever carried before.

Where To Buy Leather Duffle Bag?

Leather duffle bags are one of the best pieces of luggage that one can own. It is durable, comfortable, and can carry quite a lot of stuff because of the padding. These things are usually the things that most people look for when they go out to buy leather luggage especially the duffle bag. But now, you don’t have to worry about where to buy a leather duffle bag because it is very easy to get your hands on one. You can go online to browse for different styles and prices and find the one that suits you the best.

Leather Duffle bag For Men

You will also find several different sizes, with larger leather bags often measuring up to thirty or even forty inches in length. While most of them include at least two exterior zippered pockets, many of the smaller models will also offer one or two inside zippered pockets as well. Some of the bigger leather bags come with reversible features, so you can change out the interior or exterior pocket on your duffel depending on the occasion. Zippered pockets can be an excellent choice when you need to keep things that are not meant to stay outside in a waterproof, place, but they are also a great place for you to stash items like your cell phone, wallet, pens, and more.

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Best Leather Duffle Bags for Men

Image Product Details   Price
81zILX6yvYL._AC_UL1500_ Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Quality: Handmade
Easy pack
brass zipper
l: Full-grain calfskin leather
Color brown and red
Check Price
81EqU1Tf0rL._AC_SL1500_ Weekender Oversized Travel Duffel Bag Color: Worx
High-quality material PU leather
Wide Pockets
Size: Oversized
Exterior: With Shoe Pouch
Fashion Bags
Check Price
91kZYqo7OJL._AC_SL1500_ Kenneth Cole Reaction  Color: Greenworks
Durable: yes
Material: Full-Grain
Carry: top handles with handle wrap 
Style: Roomy U-shaped
Side exterior features
Exterior Features
Check Price
71VReoeqwZL._AC_SL1500_ Herschel Novel Duffel Bag  Synthetic Leather
in 7 different Colors
Check Price
71aaqpmlFtL._AC_SL1500_ KomalC 28 inch Duffel Bag For Travel Sports & Gym
Color: Distressed Brown
Check Price
71+wGqWT4WL._AC_SL1500_ Vintage Leather Duffel  Size: 21 Inch
Multiple Uses
Check Price

Leather Duffle Bag for Women

A leather duffle bag used to be exclusively for men, until recently. Leather duffel bags are suitable for women who want to carry lots of stuff. If you’re like a lot of modern mothers, you have a lot of things to bring home with you – groceries, baby supplies, the kids, homework, etc. A leather duffle bag is usually carried to work, especially when women have to have several small items at once. Its subdued but brilliant coloration makes it a perfect corporate choice, no matter how young or old you might be.

Best Leather Duffle Bags For Women

Image Product Details   Price
71VG+wTj-XS._AC_SL1500_ BAOSHA Leather Tote Bag Material: Soft Faux Leather
Capacity: Spacious With Well-Made Pockets
Color: 6 Different Colors
Uses: Multiple, sports, Gym, Trevel
Design: Smart shoulder strap
Warrenty: Lifetime

Check Price
81jZc-5vnCL._AC_SL1500_ Canvas Overnight Bag Material: top quality genuine crazy horse leather
Color: in 8 Different Colors
Note: Includes 10-gallon
reusable collection bag.
Capacity: Spacious, with Extra zips
Leopard bottom design
Check Price

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