How to Repair Cat Scratches On Leather With Olive Oil

Cat scratches on leather can be very annoying. They leave deep indents in the leather making it look unpleasant. You might think that you have to buy expensive leather cleaners to solve the problem. Fortunately, you do not. This article will show you how to repair cat scratches on leather using nothing but a wet rag and an old towel.

Deep Cleansing

Remember that there may be deeper problems underneath the cat scratch on your favorite leather sofa. Check to see if the entire piece is dull. If so, apply another coat of conditioner and use a very fine-tipped brush to make sure all areas of the leather are treated properly.

Remember, leather should be treated every three months or so depending on how much you use it and what condition it is in. If the conditioner is too strong it can cause the leather to become very sore and this could lead to tears or other damage down the road.

If the scratches persist,

apply a coat of leather conditioner and again use a very fine tipped brush to apply it to all of the affected areas. This time use an organic-based cat nail remover if you don’t already have one. These can work just as well as the normal oil-based removers and they are far less harmful to your favorite leather furniture.123

How to repair cat scratches on suede leather with olive oil

How to repair cat scratches on suede leather with olive oil is not that hard. If you know how to repair basic cuts and scrapes, then you can get into the details of learning how to repair cat scratches on leather with olive oil. The trick is to use the right kind of equipment when applying this type of treatment.

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If you have never worked with oils before it can be very tricky to start off with. It is important to have all of the proper equipment and supplies on hand before you begin.

 Start by figuring out the exact scratched part, then take some small portion of leather conditioner and apply directly to the scratched area. Try using a soft bristle tool for easier application such as a small toothbrush or something else like that.


This method will require you to dip a cotton swab into olive oil and then apply it on the scratch. Make sure to keep a paper towel nearby so that you can easily remove and clean the swab after every application. You can then leave it overnight and continue to do so every day until the scratch has disappeared.

As Anti Scratching Agent

You can also use olive oil as a natural anti-scratching agent. Just a few drops of olive oil on a soft cloth and gently rub it onto your cat’s scratches area and cover the entire area with the oil.

You‘ll want to do this at least once a day until the scabs fall off. This might take some time, but over time your cat will start to recognize the feeling of the oil and it will stop scratching without your having to say a word.

After Repairing

After the scratches have disappeared, you can apply a mixture of baby shampoo and rubbing alcohol. You should also use some mineral oil if the leather is very oily. When you combine these two cleaning agents, you can wipe away the residue very gently with a cotton swab. You should only apply to rub alcohol and shampoo to avoid any damage to the skin.


Other Treatments Then Olive Oil

There are, of course, other more convenient ways on how to repair cat scratches on leather but they usually involve harmful chemicals. Although many experts believe that microdermabrasion is harmless, you should still be cautious when using products that contain this chemical.

In fact, most experts would advise against treating the leather with any kind of chemical. Instead, if you can, you should try to treat your sofa with a warm towel and nothing else, as this will help to prevent the scratching problem from worsening.


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