How to Remove Wax From Leather

Leather cleaning is an art that has long been practiced by craftsmen and artists. The question on everybody’s mind is how to remove wax from leather. While it is one of the hardest leathers to clean, with the right equipment, the procedure to clean leather should be fairly easy. This article will give you some great tips on how to remove wax from leather cleaning.

The most important step

in learning how to remove wax from leather is to properly identify where the stain is coming from. Look for a spot on your leather where you can easily see the wetness. Try not to use a cloth that will make the water penetrate into the leather. Instead, use a paper towel or something that will absorb the water.

Use Mild Cleaner

You should use a mild cleaner when learning how to remove wax from leather, such as baby oil or baby wipes. This way, you avoid harming the leather. After you have gotten rid of the liquid, blot the affected area with paper towels and repeat the process until the stain is gone. Make sure that you only apply the necessary amount of cleaner to ensure that it doesn’t damage the leather further. You don’t want to ruin the hide!

Use Cleaning Brush

The best method on how to remove wax from leather is by using a leather cleaning brush. A quality brush will allow you to easily remove the excess water and bring the leather back to its original shine. Begin by dampening the leather with a clean cloth and begin brushing away the excess water from the surface of the leather.

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Water Drops

It is important that you only use a small amount of water when learning how to remove wax from leather. You don’t want to saturate the leather as this can damage the fibers of the hide. Wet leather tends to dry out more quickly which can result in cracking. Once you have finished brushing, you should allow the leather to dry completely. Patience is key when learning how to remove wax from leather.

Petroleum Jelly

On how to remove wax from leather, you should make sure that you protect your new piece of furniture. Wax can become slippery when wet. To prevent your leather chair from slipping, you should apply some anti-slip powder or petroleum jelly. You can also purchase special shoes made especially for protecting your leather furniture. Keep in mind that leather is extremely durable, but it can be damaged over time. Follow these basic steps on how to remove wax from leather and your piece of furniture will last longer and look better for longer.

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