How to Deal With Wet Leather Conditioners and Treatments

How To Wet Leather

So what you should do is use a spray bottle or something similar to help soak the shoes. Always soak your shoes in the direction of the stitching. If you are going to shrink leather, then you should try to follow the pattern, not the size. If you are soaking the shoe, then try to stick it in a sink full of warm water, and soak the shoe for about 10 minutes a side.

Causes Of Wet Leather

Firstly, some boots are not waterproof. You can notice if it is really water resistant if it is not leaking when wet. However, if it is leaking slowly and you are walking in rain, then it might be suffering from internal moisture. If this is the case, take it to a specialized shoe store or repair shop. Also, do not ride your bike in rainy weather, as this will eventually crack the stitches on your shoes.

Secondly, another cause of wet leather is footwear with a high absorption level. Your feet are actually more absorbant than any other part of your body. For this reason, if your shoes have a high absorption level, say, a pair of cowboy boots made of cowhide, you will be more likely to get wet spots.

Thirdly, your leather bag can also absorb water. To do this, spray the outside of the bag with hairspray or fabric cleaner and leave it outdoors for sometime. When it dries, you will be able to see that some of the material has absorbed the water and that you can leave the bag in a closed position

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How To Get Rid Of Wet Leather Stains

While sitting in a leather chair, it is important to remember that it is not advisable to rub the area around the stains, unless the urine is fully dried by the time you reach work. This can cause permanent discoloration. If you have wet leather stains, you can use rubbing alcohol and clean the area.

If you have a stain that has not been absorbed into the leather, then a mixture of ethyl and water may be used to remove it. However, you should never use an ammonia-based cleaner for this purpose as this can permanently dull the leather.

Apply Leather Conditioner To Get Dry

A clean cloth should be used to apply the leather conditioner. Apply as much of the conditioner as needed without using too much pressure or rubbing the bag. As the leather becomes damp, the smell will become stronger and may remind you of someone having used perfume. Once the leather has absorbed as much conditioner as possible, it should be turned over and left to dry overnight.

When the leather is still wet, apply conditioner to the surface and leave to soak for three to five minutes. Allow the conditioner to soak into the leather. If the conditioner is unable to soak through to the surface, place a drop or two of dish soap on a damp sponge and run the sponge over the wet surface several times to allow the conditioner to penetrate.

After this, buff the leather with another clean, dry cloth. It is advisable to only use a damp cloth or sponge to buff the leather since the oil present in the skin can damage the leather if it is rubbed too vigorously. Once the leather is buffed, the finish should be very good quality.

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Apply leather Cleaners

In the event that you need to get rid of some stubborn stains on wet leather items, you may use some leather cleaner. This may also work as a conditioner that will help to hydrate the leather and make it look better. For the buffing or cleaning of the entire surface of the leather, you may use some buffing pad on your leather cleaning supplies to make the entire surface look better. On the other hand, you can use a dry soft cloth to apply the conditioner to the leather.

Wet Leather Cleaning – Expert Tips

Wet Leather is the result of spills when working with leather. You can prevent this condition by using a clean, lint-free cloth while working on your leather. When you spill something on the surface, it is important to wipe off the excess water immediately. If left wet, the water can penetrate the leather and create spots, which are very difficult to remove. You should also make sure that you wipe down your leather tub or furniture in order to keep it looking new.

For Smoother Clean Leather

In the morning, a dry towel should be used to dab the leather dry. The leather should remain relatively dry throughout the day, but you may need to apply a small amount of conditioner to make the leather feel smooth. Using the same clean cloth, blot the leather dry. You should then wipe away any excess conditioner with another clean cloth. This step may need to be repeated until the leather is still wet.

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Use Dryer With care

When you are trying to shrink leather shoes with a blow dryer, you should always be very careful. Always make sure that the heat is going into the shoes through the shoe. It isn’t always going to be obvious which way the heat is going to go. You will have to watch carefully so that you don’t overheat the shoes. If you do, then you may find that the shoes have split right down the middle.

Sun Exposure

Another thing that can cause your leather shoes to shrink is too much exposure to the sun. When you are outside, you should put sunblock on them, because the sun will weaken the leather. When you are inside, you need to stay away from direct sunlight and use some sort of hat or bandana to keep the sun from your skin. Too much sun is one of the biggest things that can cause leather shoes to shrink, so you should be careful with them if you are looking to restore your old shoes.


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