How to care for patent leather?

How to care for patent leather? It is very easy to care for patent. You simply need to follow these steps;
Clean the patent leather product (i-e, shoes, bags or bottoms) with a damp microfibre cloth every time before and after using it.

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Place the Patent leather products apart from others.
Cover the products while not using them.
Polish the patented leather products three times a week.
Use good patented leather shiner for your products.
Do nourishing leather treatment every three months.
Don’t step on mud or in water.
Oiling it to prevent cracking (i-e, Caster oil or Olive oil)
As we know that the glossy shine of patented leather is very classy, but there are a few things to watch to make that gloss and shine of patent leather products for a longer possible time.
Different Patent products need their care slightly differently, to be more glossy, shiny, and of course, classy.
Patent Leather Products
Many patent products, from furniture to garments, are primarily used in garments. That’s why people are more conscious about it, to take care for the patented leather products they use. Some of the most seen patent leather

products are as following;

  1. shoes for men
  2. Patent boots
  3. Patent heels
  4. Patent bags
  5. Patent bottoms
  6. Patent garments

How to care for patent leather?

How to care for patent leather shoes?

Well, In order to care for patent leather shoes, you must first care for the glossy covering. They will not treat the leather beneath this covering. Patent is typically a complex blend of materials.
In order to take care of your “patent leather shoes”, you must follow the following steps;

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Clean your shoes

The most obvious way of care for patent shoes is to clean them thoroughly with damp microfiber clothe before and after using them. It will not let the dirt stick to the glossy surface of patent leather and will not hinder its shine and glossiness.

Keep your patent leather shoes away from others

One of the most common mistakes people make is just throwing their patent leather shoes with other uncleaned shoes, which may trap colours stain or other stains on their shiny patent leather shoes. It is tough to remove colour stains from patent leather.
So, keep your patent leather shoes away from the other shoes.

Use a patent leather shiner for polishing it

A good patent leather shiner will be the best partner for your patent leather shoes, As it will not only maintain the shine of the patent leather as it was in the shoe store but also retain it for the longest time.

How to care for patent leather?

Leather Nourishing Treatment

If you are really into taking care of your patent leather. Then, You must do the Various treatment of your patent leather shoes every three months after frequently wearing them for office or college, and If you wear them occasionally, then once in a year.

Using olive oil

Oiling your patent leather shoes prevent them from cracking, and the best oil I would recommend to you is olive oil in the shoe.

Other small things

Other small things that will reflect your care for patent leather shoes are whether you walk on mud or dirt or pinchy woods or water with your patent leather shoes or not? because if you are doing this, this will be damaging to your patent leather shoes

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How to care for patent leather handbags?

There is a slight difference in caring for a patent leather bag as handbags for women must withstand a lot. Whether intentionally or not, indications of wear begin to appear after a while. Unlike vintage leather handbags, patent leather handbags should always look brand new.

So, To make the glossy look of patent leather in handbags for the longest possible time, These steps may help you a lot;

Cleaning Handbags

The best way to care for a patent leather bag is often to clean it. It is very similar to cleaning a shoe. To prevent scratches, you remove each dirt particle individually from the surface with microfiber clothe or non-alcoholic wipes.


Some products can either make or break your patent leather bag. In order to increase the lifetime of your patent bag, you must use a perfect product of leather polish shiner. The product I will recommend is Simple Shine; you can buy it on amazon.

Protection of patent leather bag

When using a bag, you must place it on a dust-free and plain surface where there is a zero probability of someone walking on it.

Storing patent leather bag

You must be careful while you are storing your bag in your wardrobe, dont fit in a tight knot place where its shape may get dents.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors like temperature and humidity may also affect the lifetime of the leather. You may surprise to know that high temperature and humidity decrease the lifetime of the bag.
So, It will be better to place your patent leather handbag in a place where temperature and humidity are low.

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The best way to prevent cracking is to oil your patent leather with castor oil and let it dry for 24 hours and after drying, use petroleum jelly on it.

How to care for patent leather suits?

How to care for patent leather suits? Well, Taking care of the patent leather suits are not as hard as it seems to be. With few things to be conscious of, you may get a perfect time out of your patent leather suits.

Avoid it from getting wrinkles

if you are really into taking care of your patent leather suits, you must avoid sitting in a position or place where they may get wrinkle. Taking out the crease from patent leather suits is very difficult, but here’s the most excellent way to get the wrinkle out of it.
Wrinkles can be easily removed by iron and a brown paper bag. The process involves gently pressing the iron on the bag to help loosen up the leather and eliminate the wrinkles.


Patent leather suits must be clean after and before every use thoroughly.

Using Good Products

To clean your patent suit, you must be using the excellent product for polish, and my most recommended product is the Simple shine. You can buy it on amazon.

Leather Nourishing treatment

To keep your patent leather suit just like brand new when you wear it the first time, you must do its leather nourishment treatment once in three months. This will keep its glossy shine for a longer time.


How to care for patent leather?

How to care for patent leather? Now, you know what the main things are and how can you apply them to your item for its care and retain its glossy shine for a longest time. Thus, allowing you to use your patented items for longest time possible.

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