Full Grain Leather VS Top Grain Leather | What’s The Difference?

We get many questions about Full grain leather vs Top grain leather. What is full-grain? What is top grain? And how do I know I’m getting quality leather? For Leathereview customers know this we tell you what leather you’re getting. We designed it that way!
And we label it that way! We’re about great style and honoring those in history who have carried leather bags long before us.

Full Grain Leather.

top grain leather that has the natural grain intact.

Now full grain leather is the highest quality leather you can purchase. You take a side of leather from the cow of the bison, remove the hair, you tan it, you get all the rough spots and the scars and the scrapes and the toughness, ruggedness of the animal. You get its original characteristics.

You get a bag that will wear for decades it’ll age well it’ll patina well, and it’s the look I love. Full grain is harder to work with because it’s so tough. It’s harder to stitch, to bend, to form, so your labor cost and price might be higher, but you still have a bag that will serve you most of the rest of your life.

Top Grain Leather.

 the uppermost layer of the hide.

Top grain leather comes from the outer side of a hide. It is usually identified by a distinct reddish-brown color. It is a lightweight grade, which makes it ideal for high-quality accessories and outdoor wear. The name top grain leather comes from the part of the animal where the outer layers are removed, allowing the inner core to be exposed. This richer coloring gives top grain leather its distinguished look and is popular with high-end accessories.

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If you want a smoother bag, a more uniform look, evenly stain, a more polished bag go with the top grain. In top grain leather, the top grain has been split or sanded off – removed. I don’t know why they call it the top-grain, if the top grain has been taken off, but the leather industry gave it that name years ago. Top grain leather is often thinner and more pliable,

it’s easier to work with, it’s easier to stitch, still great 100% leather just a different look. You can stamp top grain leather and you can make a cowhide look like an alligator – don’t even get me started. Honestly, I’m not sure what the point of that is. Okay we like top grain on smooth wallets straps book covers but we sell most of our bags made of full grain leather to be the rugged bag we think customers want and will love to carry we Steer clear of bonded leather and that term genuine leather, which can be found in a patchwork of parts; you might get cow or goat or pigskin.

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