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5 Different Types of Animal Leather And Their Uses

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Since the evaluation, leather is the primary source of manufacturing. There are usually different types of animal leather for every extra apron. In most cases, you will see shoes made of cow or buffalo leather while leather bags, women shoes, crafted from other types.

What makes leather so popular? Leather is undoubtedly a solid and solace material that you can use to prepare extremely durable items; that’s why it’s the no.1 choice of people worldwide.

The skin of cows, pigs, sheep, and even horses is the main cowhide available in the market. Dairy cattle leather is somehow the most gracious type of cowhide, as its high quality and low cost compared to other kinds such as crocodile hide. There are many expensive hides, including tigers, crocodiles, snakes, and so on. But, you’ll find cowhides in the everyday items.

Below is a complete list of animals that are usually utilized to produce leather of the finest quality.

different types of animal leather

Firstly, check out how the type of animal leather they tan and treated the final product. Brands do that in numerous ways, and you know what, every process has its pros and cons. Next on the line is from which part of the animal the leather comes from, and did they stitch or it’s one piece. But before that, the question that arises is what animal leather types it is.

Animal Leather can refer to any animal’s hide. It’s possible to tan chicken hides and claim them to be genuine leather by removing the feathers. What about chicken leather? Would you wear it? I don’t believe so! This article will cover the most common animals that the brands use to craft leather jackets and other products.

Types Of Animal Leather

I think most of our readers only know about cowhide or sheep. Still, today I’m going to uncover all the different types of animal leather.

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Find Leather Sources For Your Accessories and Apparel

This animal is usually taken from cows, pigs or swine and is used for a variety of purposes These Animal sources generally the easiest to come by as they are not easily accessible and often times they are also slaughtered on site for consumption, rather than having to transport them from farm to farm.

Cattle Hides

cattle hide

Cattle hide is unchallenged and the most popular type of leather. Why I’m sure it’s popular? Because there is over 1,400,000,000 head of cattle in the world, that surprisingly produces top-notch products. And, being that said, the number is increasing day-by-day.

It has lots of qualities such as tear-proof, puncture-proof, heat insulation to a great extent, and all in all, high tensile strength. People also love to use cattle leather products because they’re somehow less expensive and reliable than exotic Animal leathers.


Its main uses are shoes, bags, Garments, and Belts.

5 Different Types of Animal Leather And Their Uses



Despite the rare blackbuck deer, which no one can hunt due to its lost species, you can still buy garments made of ordinary deer. Its super comfy and supple skin ensures a smooth grip in accessories like gloves and clothing. It’s not durable as cowhide, but it’s vital up to an extent due to its thinness and flexibility.

It’s expensive and rare in some parts of the world, and it’s softer than cowhide. Additionally, deer leather isn’t as moisture-resistant as cow leather. However, deer leather is not the most versatile type of leather, although it is comfortable and soft.


The main uses of deer hide are gloves, garments, and football.

Fish Leather

Fish Leather

Wait for what? Fish leather? Do fish have enough skin to produce ornaments? The answer to all your questions is yes! Salmon leather is the most common among them all. As you know, fishes are of different colors, so their leathers also come in multi-colors ranging from metallic silver to blood-red.

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More so, it has a unique pattern with stylish lines of scale. A single piece of leather appears to have the same patterns all over. Like other types, the factories also tan and process fish leather. And, some of them go through a glazing procedure to get a shiny look.


People love to use bags, belts, and garments made of stingray and Salmon leather.

Exotic Leather — Crocodile or Alligator Leather

Crocodile or Alligator Leather

different types of animal leather

Down the line, we’ve exotic leathers such as crocodiles and alligator skins. Usually, these come from crocodile farms all around the world. Crocodile hide is the rarest and expensive leather mainly used in designer handbags or shoes, belts, or hats.

The hides come from the soft areas of their body, including the belly and sides, instead of harsh areas like backs. After being tanned, the most common good people love to afford is a wallet.


As you know, it’s the most expensive of all, so you’ll only see handbags, shoes, or hats made up of crocodile leather

Pig or Hog Leather

Pig or Hog Leather

Alligator Leather:

Mostly, football brands use pig or hog hides. Other than that, you’ll see many household items made of pig leather, such as journals and garments. It’s more durable due to extreme thinness like the deer hide, making it the ideal choice for ladies’ purses and stuff like that.

You have likely noticed that pigskin items have a soft but bumpy texture, as opposed to leather. More so, a pig’s leather mottled appearance makes it undesirable for certain goods but highly desirable for others. There are more cattle leathers than pig leathers, but pig leather is softer than cattle leather.


Due to its softness, the material is used to craft gloves, garments, bags, shoes.

5 Different Types of Animal Leather And Their Uses


What is the strongest and most durable leather?

Cowhide is the most popular, most durable, and yet strongest leather to wear because it's tear and heat-resistant up to an extent.

What types of animals were used for historical leather armor

Throughout history, people have used alligator leather as armors and leather for animals with four legs (yaks, bison, zebras, rhinos, etc.) and stingray leather as armors. These types of leather are also known as exotic leathers. These are super rare, which makes them the most expensive leather in the world.

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Which type of leather is the cheapest?

Bonded leather is known to be the cheapest grade of leather. This type because companies use two parts of leather and join them, which lowers the material cost.

What is the softest leather?

Sheepskin or leather is the comfiest leather you'll ever find. Somehow, the deerskin is also soft and flexible, but it's less durable than sheepskin, and it's expensive and rare as well.

What are the different types of animal leather?

Generally, about six leather grades, including corrected grain leather, full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and bonded leather. There are numerous types of leather, but you'll find sheep, cow, crocodile, deer, fish, and pig, the most common among them.

Leather is Made of which animal

do you really know exactly what leather is? Well, if you’re not a leather person yourself, you really don’t have to worry about leather because it applies to just about any animal whose skin is used to make leather products. Real leather is usually tanned animal skin. If you’re wondering what leather is made of, it’s most often cow hide.

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