4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Leather Furniture

Quality, Durability, and Options

If you’re in the market for a recliner and you’re considering leather, there are some factors that you need to look into.

So, imagine that you can go into a store and know enough about leather to make a decision that’s educated and one that you’re going to enjoy for years to come.

So, today I will cover four topics.

  1. The durability of leather.
  2. Split hide versus the top grain.
  3. Common misconceptions with leather.
  4. And lastly a product out there is known as bonded leather

Today, I’d like to talk to you a little about leather and specifically four topics. So, to begin with, let’s go with durability.

The durability of leather.

Number one. Many people come in and, over the years, I’ve been asked, “Is this leather durable? Is it gonna hold up well? Top grain leather is gonna last four times longer than the fabric on average.
Another demonstration that I like to do with people is I get a pen and a swatch of top grain leather then I’ll have them stick the pen into the leather to see the durability.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Leather Furniture

They will literally break this pen before I’m going to puncture this leather. So durability wise a top grain leather is gonna be very durable and I emphasize that because not all leather is going to be a top grain leather.

Split hide versus the top grain.

So, that brings me to topic number two “What’s the difference between a split hide and a top grain?” So, all leather when it comes off the animal and it starts the process has to be split in half so literally if you can imagine leather and if it was that thick which it’s not but if it was they take it and they slice it right down the center.

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And what you have there is now we had one hide now we have two. We have a top grain and we have the split hide. Now, the difference between those two. The top grain is going to be the softest and the most durable. Also, it’s not going to make you sweat it’s gonna be very breathable.

Anywhere you touch should be the top grain. The split hide does have uses. So, sides of the furniture back of the furniture but specifically not on the main parts of the furniture. So when you go into a store you want to ask the question, “Is this top grain leather or is this a split hide leather?”

4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Leather Furniture

Everywhere you touch is going to be top grain. The sides and back are going to be a split hide and what you can see and feel when you come into the store with this combination is how a top grain is so much softer than a split hide. Like you may have experienced in your car.

The split hide is gonna be a little bit grainier. It will feel a little bit thicker. Just not as buttery soft as this top grain. That’s something that we can actually show you and you can see the difference. Topic number three that I’d like to discuss in regard to leather.

Common misconceptions with leather.

common misconceptions. Many times in my career I’ve greeted a client and asked them if they’re looking for fabric or for leather. And the answer is fabric. And my response is always, “Why fabric?” Because I want to understand my client and help them make a good decisions.

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And the response typically if they’re not looking for leather specifically is one of three things. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. Or it’s sticky. And while that conception is true. It’s not true for furniture in the house with top grain leather. What it is true for is where most people get their opinion – their car. And their car leather is not typically going to be a top grain it’s only going to be a split hide with vinyl sides and that’s going to have a really thick layer of polyurethane on top that’s gonna make it sticky.

The fact of the matter is that top-grain leather is going to breathe well and it’s going to be the temperature of your home. So that may be a reason for you to reconsider leather if you’re not currently looking.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Leather Furniture

Bonded leather

Fourth topic that I’d like to educate you on today is bonded leather. That’s a term that’s very common out there and not everybody takes the time to educate their customer. Bonded leather in our opinion is actually fabric and let me tell you why. Bonded leather is technically the shavings of the very top part of the leather so that a company can get down below where the hair and the scars and any kind of imperfections on leather are so they can turn it into a piece of furniture that has consistency.

So those shavings get put into a vat with some kind of paste added to it and that product which has leather in it is put on typically a polyurethane possibly a polyester fabric and it’s bonded to the back of it which makes it bonded leather. So while it has a great hand and is a great product for somebody who likes a fabric with a leather feel it’s not actually leather.

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Hopefully, the information I’ve given you today has given you the ability to go make a smart decision and buy Furniture. The four topics we went over today, durability, number one. Number two, top-grain versus split hide and the differences there.

Number three, common misconceptions. And number four, bonded leather and what it actually is. we’re trained four times the industry standard to be able to give you the kind of information that will lead, guide, and direct you through your purchase.


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